guided imagery to calm your mind

Guided Imagery to Calm Your Mind

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In an interview with, certified stress management coach Shoshana Hanson offers advice for calming your mind and detoxifying your brain. Stress and anxiety usually stem from an overloaded mind and uncontrolled thoughts and worries.  Hanson advocates regular exercise and turning off electronics, but says that using meditation and guided imagery to calm your mind are often the most effective methods.

Hanson says, “Meditation is not about turning your brain off. It’s about quieting the chatter.” Regular meditation trains your mind to keep focus and, over time, can help prevent the spinning, uncontrollable thoughts that characterize anxiety. Hanson uses guided imagery techniques in her stress management practice, often asking clients to visualize a topic. “[They] may respond that they’re seeing a field of flowers or a calming path they can choose.”

Using guided imagery to calm your mind can “truly move you away from your worries,” says Hanson. Often the switch in focus can help you detach from the situation, making it easier to find a solution. If you are having trouble dealing with worry and anxiety, try guided imagery or guided meditation. To download guided imagery to calm your mind, click here.

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