Guided Imagery for flying

Airlines Offer Guided Imagery for Flying

Two weeks ago, we reported on how the hotel industry is using guided imagery and guided meditation to encourage more restful visits. Now the airline industry is following suit. This week posted an article about British Airways’ new “Mindfulness for Travel” program. In an effort to restore some pleasantness to air-travel, it offers guided imagery for flying, as well as meditation and mindfulness videos to help soothe harried travelers.

Reporter Sarah Jacoby explains the key to mindfulness when traveling is accepting that the current situation is just a transitory moment in time. Passengers should take a few minutes to center themselves before, during, and after the flight.  Taking time to connect with yourself and your surroundings, even while hustling through an airport, can help you stay calm in frustrating situations. The British Airways program is designed to help passengers relax in the moment instead of worrying over the many annoyances of air travel. Guided imagery for flying can help people find their peaceful place and enjoy the trip.

To learn more about the British Airways “Mindfulness for Travel” program, and for tips and tricks for a better air-travel experience, click here.

Download a free guided imagery program for inner peace, here.

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