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Yoga and Meditation Tought by Former NFL Star

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After a debilitating injury, NFL star Keith Mitchell turned to yoga and meditation to help control his pain and anxiety. Now, nine years later, Mitchell has become a certified yoga instructor, begun a non-profit helping at-risk youth and veterans, and has even led guided meditations for Congress on Capitol Hill. Mitchell also works with schools around the country teaching and encouraging meditation for children. Mitchell tells Fox News,“I played the most alpha male position on the football field … and was one of the best in the world to do it… The nature of an athlete is to sacrifice oneself for the sake of something outside of self… then judge when it’s not up to par,” he said. “For me, I had to go through a whole revelation of forgiving myself and my body and trusting myself.”

“It (yoga and meditation) allowed me to not only deal with my physical body … but my emotional, psychological body.” Now the former linebacker wants to share his knowledge with others. “What I see when they give (yoga and meditation) a try is a whole different world that opens up to them… It feels like it’s my purpose.”

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