Are You A Sad Puppy?

Sad Puppy?

Are you way bummed about our recent election, and the future of our country? I know a lot of people who are. I was too for a few minutes.

But that’s all the time I’m willing to devote to the grief and loss of something I can’t control. I can’t control who’s president, what sort of personality they have, or who voted for them.

What I can control is my own personality, and my own state of mind, and my own emotions. Or let’s put it this way, I have more control over that than I do over anything else here in Earth School.

The biggest difference in the world I can make, is adjusting my own attitude.

Now look, I do a ton of work that’s intended to help other people and make the world a better place. I’m using all my God-given talents and abilities for good, on a daily basis. But the effect is relatively insignificant, compared to the work I do on myself.

The way I feel inside, my own attitude toward myself, toward other people, and toward life, is more influential than anything I can do out in the world, including voting, campaigning, helping the poor, or saving the environment. Because if every one of us cleaned up our own act, there would be way, way, less work needed out in the world, because all of our decisions would be wholesome, generous, inclusive and kind. Remember that Michael Jackson song, Man in the Mirror? He got that one right.

You may say, well Max, I’m OK. I’m already a good person. There’s no problem here, it’s all these other people who have the problem. They’re misinformed, or malformed. To which I would reply, “So, you don’t have judgment? No anger, fear, or sadness? No resentment? You’re always kind and compassionate? You’re always honest with yourself, and other people? You love your enemies?”

And if you answer, “Why, yes,” then I would say you are either a very poor judge of your own character, or you’re finished here in Earth School, and can leave now. See you on the other side, maybe.”

It has been pointed out by smart people that our impending new leadership represents hate. Whose hate? The people who elected him? Yes, and mine, and yours too. Hate is part of our collective consciousness. You know, that thing where we’re all connected? It’s a pervasive part of our world, and to the extent that you hate, even if you hate hate, you’re contributing to hate. Same with fear, sadness, and the rest. If you have any of that inside you, you’re part of the problem. And if you don’t think you have some fear, anger, or sadness inside you, well, you just haven’t looked for it very carefully. And if you don’t care, well, that’s OK. You’re not evolved enough to care yet.

I don’t mean that as a judgment, but a statement of fact. New souls don’t care. We don’t even begin to develop a conscience without being here for a while, and going through some tough lifetimes. Eventually we start to figure out that how we treat other people matters. And later on, we eventually start to figure out that what we do inside of ourselves matters even more. I’m talking about your inner climate, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

So if you’re way bummed, cheer up. Take some time to do something kind for yourself. Even though it might look like the end times, it’s not the end of the world. You still matter, and you can still make a huge difference. I know one person who took the morning off and went looking at puppies in a shelter. Cheered her right up. If you’re upset, take care of yourself, and do something to snap out of it.

By all means, do your best to help people and effect change out in the world. Support grass roots movements and participate in local politics. But from now on, try to start each day with your own inventory. Ask yourself, “How am I feeling inside today,” and then do something to tidy that up as needed. It’s the least you can do.

I made a movie about this. It’s called World Peace Begins With You, and it comes with a really nice guided meditation. It’s free. You can find it at The Healing Waterfall dot com, under the category, free guided meditation. Check it out, and see. Thanks for listening.


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