Path Of The Heart – MP3


A breathtakingly beautiful album, and deeply healing.

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By Max Highstein • 45:23 • Music for Massage, Healing, Relaxation

A breathtakingly beautiful album, some of the most healing music you will find anywhere. Joining Max Highstein on piano and synthesizers is Kenny Loggins sideman Jon Clarke on flute; and virtuoso Ed Willett on cello.


From Our Listeners

“Your music is beautiful. I enjoy listening to it very much… Warm regards.” Carolyn Myss, from a "thank you" letter. "

"I was recently on a retreat and the facilitator played Path of the Heart. I was deeply moved. They happened to have (in their gift shop) a copy of that CD. I cannot tell you how powerful the music on this CD is for me... It resonates with my spirit and has been a catalyst for some significant spiritual growth and healing in my life." One of many customer testimonials about Max's music and Path of the Heart.

From The Artist

"There have been points in my life, in my own process of healing, where I've felt a need for tenderness, nurturing, and comfort. The music on Path of the Heart was by and large written for those times. I think that if you're in a place where you need music like this for your own process of healing, when you hear it something inside resonates on a deep level. It makes you feel safe, whole, and quite at home. 'Comfort music', if you will."

Max Highstein