Guided Meditation Music Sampler


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Over an hour of music by Max Highstein, including four of our best guided meditation music backgrounds. Use this for your own guided meditation programs. Varying lengths, and they may be looped to extend as needed:

  • Opening The Inner Eye: 10:00
  • Music From The Healing Well: 20:51
  • Intuition Retreat: 13:43
  • Walking With Michael: 18:37

Commercial Use License

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Not Required For
We allow our music to be used without a Commercial Use License in the following situations: personal use; live counseling sessions; massage, bodywork or similar therapy sessions; yoga or exercise classes; live personal growth or spirituality seminars and classes; 12-step meetings. However, if you are making a recording and selling it in any format (CD, MP3, download, etc.), or giving it away as part of a business promotion of any kind, you do not have permission to use this music and would be in violation of copyright laws without a Commercial Use License.

This license is for use as background or music bed to an audio, video, or other media project. It does not grant the permission to resell, give away, or distribute this music by itself.

This Album Only
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