Mediumship Abilities

Mediumship Abilities?


I have a question about Mediumship abilities, I been interested and working on my own and with a development circle for some time now. I see and hear spirit. They come to me in full form and give me their names. I would like to know how I could raise and hold my own energy with out the development circle to speak with spirit. I would like to do this kind of work to help people know that there is life after death. I think it would help them with the grieving process.

Medium Student (Got your own question? Ask here…)


Dear Medium Student,


It sounds like you have a gift, and are anxious to bring your mediumship abilities out into the world. But it’s important to honor your own process, and your own timing.

You need to build your practice on a solid foundation, so that when people come to you, you’ll truly be of service to their needs. And your own growth as a person should always come first, before jumping into service to other people. When you’re ready, and the time is ripe, your work will unfold naturally.

That being said, the way to learn how to work without your circle is to practice working without your circle! Offer free sessions to people you’re most comfortable with, and branch out from there. Set it up so that there is a minimum of pressure on you to perform – performance pressure always shuts down the intuition and creative flow.

Let your practice clients know that you’re practicing, and take the pressure off by telling them that you may or may not deliver. Look at it like an experiment, and make it OK and fun whatever happens. That’s the right environment to help you come more fully into your gifts. If you do that for a while and you’re not successful, then stay with your circle for a longer period, and try again later.

Timing is everything, and life has your own timing covered. Your mediumship abilities will evolve in perfect timing. Take steps to move forward, and be respectful of life’s timing for you.

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