guided meditation for investors

Guided Meditation for Investors

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Investing is a profession that is as much art and intuition as it is statistics and business savvy. In a recent article, the investing website explained how guided meditation can be particularly helpful for investors. “One of the biggest obstacles [investors] face is thinking too much. This itself may not be a bad thing, but the mind is constantly moving to the next thing… and when not doing or thinking anything, we think we’re wasting time,” explains the article.  This sort of constant activity is not unique to the investing world, but in a field that requires clear and level-headed professionals, frustration and over-work can, over time, ruin a career in finance. “Restlessness and fatigue are signs that change needs to happen.”

Guided meditation for investors can help finance professionals transition away from a constant cycle of dissatisfaction, helping to end executive burnout and creating more balanced and well-rounded investors.  Among other health benefits, guided meditation can help decrease anxiety, improve emotional stability, and develop intuition—all important traits for successful investors. “I’ve always thought that how we live our lives has deep implications on how we invest. Anything that can improve how we spend our time is indirectly but equally important,” the article explains.  Staying balanced while others are struggling can make the difference between an average investor and a truly stellar one.

Read the entire GuruFocus article here.

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