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music for guided meditation

All of the music on The Healing Waterfall website was composed, performed, recorded and produced by Max Highstein. (More about Max Highstein’s music career here.) Max’s music for guided meditation has been licensed by many publishers over the years. He’s also custom-scored music for guided meditation projects by various artists and authors. In addition his music has been used as background and incidental music in film and television, and he produced music that played a crucial part in one particular episode in the hit TV series Northern Exposure.

Max makes use of a wide variety of instruments, from piano and keyboards to strings, woodwinds, synthesizers, guitars, and percussion. Melodically fluid and richly layered, the music he composes draws the listener in, and naturally invites them on an inner journey. Highstein has an uncanny knack for interpreting and underscoring emotional content in any script, and bringing it to life. Part of the reason for the resounding success of his guided imagery catalog is the rich and compelling music that underscores each program. Whether he’s directing live musicians who have been carefully selected for his projects, or utilizing the vast array of sampled sounds at his disposal, the result is always satisfying and rich.

To learn more about what’s possible, browse the music selections on this website, and be sure to listen to the samples in the Amazing Musical Colors catgory. There you’ll hear some of the styles Max Highstein is able to provide. In his full service studio, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Max can produce a virtually unlimited palette of instruments, voices, and effects, all woven together to beautifully suit your next project.

All of his extensive music library is also available for licensure. Contact us to discuss pricing.



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