Tree Hugging Made Easy

I had a conversation with a friend yesterday, and she said that whenever she visits her friends in the country, she has a favorite tree she always sits under for a while. Last week, as she was sitting under this … Read More

Sensitive Or Crazy?

  The other day one of my Facebook friends posted something that really caught my attention. She said she was puzzled by so many of her colleagues talking about needing to be grounded so as not to pick up negative … Read More

Trust Your Gut. Or Not.

Recently someone asked, “Why is it so difficult to follow my gut?” No other information was provided with the question, and here’s what I answered. Your “gut” is actually the wrong place to look for intuition, contrary to popular belief. … Read More

How Human Intuition Still Beats AI

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues its march forward and top scientists like Stephen Hawking suggest that AI could spell doom for humanity, it may be important to take a step back and remember what how poorly AI stacks up to … Read More