Albany Peace Project Uses Guided Meditation

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The city of Albany is hoping to see some changes in their crime rate by utilizing guided meditation since The Albany Peace Project (APP) took place in January 2014. In January, the plan was to find 1,500 participants to come together for 15 minutes everyday and meditate, pray and focus their attentions to the City of Albany.

This peaceful event intention was to take a handful of people meditating and create positive vibes and see positive effects on the entire Albany population. Dr. John Foldy, a researcher and professor for the State University of New York and Bethany Gonyea, MS, a biofeedback specialist worked hard to investigate and review other studies that have been completed in the past.

One of the experiments that they researched was the 9/11 Peace Intention Experiment. This experiment brought people together from over 75 different countries to show support and provide positive vibes through meditation after such of a terrible attack we all experienced on 9/11.  The positive intentions from all over the world in only 8 days left the researchers and the rest of the participants amazed.

Another study that the researches looked at was one that took place in the 1993. For two months, 4,000 people participated in a transcendental meditation twice a day. The scientist researched the link between the meditation and the violent crimes in the area. The scientist found that while the meditation was used to burst positive vibes into the environment, the numbers decreased drastically. Violent crimes had dropped by 23%.

The Albany Peace Project wants to add to the inspiring research and show that when people meditates it sends out peaceful intentions in their own local area and that they can help their own local area become a less violent area.

The Albany Peace Project will have a group of 31 leaders to help lead the participants through guided meditation via the Internet each day. There will be five steps that each leader will be asked to deliver to the participants.

  1. Center yourself in the present.
  2. Open your heart and connect to other with compassion.
  3. State specific intentions
  4. Mentally rehearse the intentions with all five senses, especially vision
  5. Surrender to a Loving intelligence that connects us all

Not only is the goal to help decrease the violent crimes in Albany but it also wants to make history. Making history by showing people how to focus positive intentions and influences and empower people to be more serious about their environment.

The Albany Peace Project needs your help by becoming involved with the project and helping them reach their goal of 1500 participants.  This is a win-win situation for every person who is involved.

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