Opening To Wealth – MP3 Bundle

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Open to wealth in new ways, and allow prosperity into your life. 

Opening To Wealth - MP3


Bringing Clients To Your Door - MP3

Daily Focus - MP3

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If you believe that the economy, the government, other people, or outer circumstances keep you from being more wealthy, then there may be little you can do to change the situation. However, if you’re willing to consider the possibility that something within you is keeping you from becoming more wealthy, then you’re in a good position to make a shift. And if you’d be willing to consider that there is untapped creativity within you that you can use to become more wealthy, that’s even better.

So in this program you’ll let go of fixed beliefs, negativity, and darkness inside — anything standing between you and wealth. And you’ll open to wealth in new ways. All to help you become the most well-rounded, grounded, and happy human being you can be, living a rich, abundant life. More about this program…



You’ve learned your craft, honed your skills, and paid your dues. Now it’s time to bring in the clients/customers/patients to make your work a success. In this guided visualization you’ll remove inner blocks, symbolically build a solid base within, send up a powerful spotlight to all your potential customers, and visualize them recognizing your light and coming to your door.

With Bringing Clients To Your Door, you’ll have the opportunity to discover anything within you that might be in the way of your success — whether it’s self doubt, a belief you’re not deserving, the feeling you’re not up to the job, or other issue. You’ll fill your system with positive images and affirmations, and sweep negativity out of the way.

You’ll also envision your ideal practice, your ideal balance of work/rest/play, and more. And you’ll have a chance to tap your deep inner wisdom for the correct next steps, to bring your vision into reality. More about this program…



Would you like to experience more love, courage, spontaneity..? The Daily Focus Guided Mediation allows you to choose any personal quality, experience it within you, and bring it into your daily routine. This 10 minute program is easy to do, peaceful, and inspiring, with gentle narration and soft background music.

EXCERPT: “Consider the quality you’ve chosen to focus on today. Imagine that the word is floating before you in space, and visualize it clearly spelled out, the letters glowing with light. This quality, and the light that surrounds it, come from the highest source of all creation, from the center of the universe. It is living energy, a message for your heart, mind, and soul, and brings with it tremendous power and support, for you…” More about this program…


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