Meditation for Relationships

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the Blog at US News and World Report is discussing how meditation can improve relationships.  Dr. James Baird, behavioral expert and author of Behavioral Genes: Why We Do What We Do and How to Stop, writes about how mindfulness practices improve relationship and communications skills. He explains that regular meditation enhances the ability to focus: “meditation helps rid your mind of the anxieties of daily life… you’ll be more present in the moment and your relationship will reap the benefits” writes Dr. Baird.

Meditation will also “help you sleep better, be more relaxed and boost productivity. You may even lose weight or become more conscious of your health and how you spend your off time. All of these conscious efforts to improve yourself will ultimately make you more confident and attractive,” thus a better partner, writes Dr. Baird.

Valentine’s Day makes everyone think about relationships, whether you are in one or not. Mindfulness and meditation are techniques that can help improve every part of your life, including your personal relationships. So, this year, why not treat yourself and your sweetie to some soothing new meditation and imagery programs! Try the selections below to start improving your relationships today!

Heart MeditationsReleasing Bitterness & Opening To LoveAttracting A Great Relationship



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