Healing & Powerful

I first owned this exceptional piece on cassette 20 years ago. The bought the CDs to give as gifts. Best guided meditation ever!! The voice is beautiful and soothing. The music soft and supportive. The journey is healing and powerful. … Read More

A Beautiful Gift

I purchased the Healing Waterfall series many years ago and absolutely loved them. I haven’t listened to them for some time and then began doing so before bed and remembered how much peace they give me. I purchased 6 Guided meditations … Read More


EXCELLENT! I had this year’s ago on cassette, and wore it out! I love it so much, that I got a copy for my best friend! And a new one for myself as well!

Door To The Imagination

This is an imagery and relaxation exercise that was introduced to me in Holistic Nursing classes and grad school. I find it opens a door to the imagination that beautifully offers peace and tranquility.

Most Outstanding

We were fortunate enough to know one of the pioneers in the field of guided imagery and the study of its effectiveness. This particular CD, out of my full collection, is the most outstanding. I own both this one and Healing … Read More

Self-Care Program

I use this meditation often. When I get so stressed as to compromise my delicately balanced immune system, a couple listens to this audio and I quickly return to happy, healthy self. I think everyone should know about this audio and … Read More

Progressive Relaxation

I absolutely love this CD. I can put it on and play a single track at night and the progressive relaxation meditation (starting at your feet and working all the way to the top of your head) at the beginning helps … Read More

Saved My Sanity

This CD saved my sanity! It helped me so much recover from a very difficult time in my life and truly soothed my soul.

All Time Favorite

This is probably my all time favorite guided meditation. I listened to it continuously after a neck surgery where I was so drugged up you’d have thought I could not possibly know it was even playing…but apparently, every time the tape … Read More

Forever Grateful

My son (and I) love The Healing Waterfall. It has eased him into a gentle sleep on many occasions as well as introduced him to meditation. I am forever grateful.

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