The Best

If you are new to meditation… This is a must… Both the waterfalls collection are fantastic… Even a seasoned meditator will enjoy the relax… — iTunes 5 Star Review

One Of The Best There Is

The Healing Waterfall is one of the best guided meditations there is. I’ve been listening to this and The Healing Waterfall II for years, originally on cassette. I’ve never found anything better. – K.C. D. Verified Amazon review.


This meditation offers so much imagery it’s so easy to get swept away in the magic of it!!! Love love love!!!!! Amazon verified purchase review.

New To Meditation

I’m new to meditation and was really surprised at how great this guided cd was. Very relaxing. The tension and stress melted away. Highly recommended. Steve & Betty – verified Amazon review.

Best Relaxation Guided Meditation

I have listened to this for over 25 years as my favorite relaxation/guided imagery cd!!! Deborah M., verified Amazon review.

Helped Through Traumatic Time

Healing Waterfall and Healing Waterfall II are my absolute favorites. I purchased the CD’s from a local music store and have listened to them may times over. They helped me through a very traumatic time in my life. Thank you for … Read More

Helped Me Heal

Thank You with much love for helping to heal me with The Healing Waterfall. A dear friend gave me the CD as a gift when I was going through a difficult time. I listened to it nightly for about 5 years. … Read More

Wonderful Journey Into Relaxation

I have suggested this guided imagery if someone has never tried meditation.The woman’s voice is soothing and guides you through a wonderful journey into relaxation. The cd is not to long and it is a wonderful introduction into stillness. The … Read More

One Of The Best

I have bought dozens of this guided imagery CD over the years to give as gifts. It is one of the best one I have ever heard. The music is very calming and relaxing. The imagery is so peaceful and tranquil. … Read More

Soothing, Healing & Relaxing

I had The Healing Waterfall on cassette many years ago and used it with very good success for anxiety disorder. I am repurchasing it now on CD for help in treating an auto-immune disease. I find the imagery very soothing, and … Read More

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