Wonderful Journey Into Relaxation

I have suggested this guided imagery if someone has never tried meditation.The woman’s voice is soothing and guides you through a wonderful journey into relaxation. The cd is not to long and it is a wonderful introduction into stillness. The … Read More

Door To The Imagination

This is an imagery and relaxation exercise that was introduced to me in Holistic Nursing classes and grad school. I find it opens a door to the imagination that beautifully offers peace and tranquility.

Progressive Relaxation

I absolutely love this CD. I can put it on and play a single track at night and the progressive relaxation meditation (starting at your feet and working all the way to the top of your head) at the beginning helps … Read More

Superbly Written!

“The meditations are superbly written and Max [the narrator of most of the programs, Max Highstein] has a velvet voice… very calming.”

Relaxing and Up-Lifting

“I’ve got to tell you how much I love your work. I’ve been listening to your guided imagery CDs for years now and have found them to be so relaxing and up-lifting. I come home from work every day and … Read More