Good Energy

I just wanted to tell you how blessed I feel to have found you. I love your work, I can feel the good energy that surrounds it that comes from you. Thank you for shining out in the crowd for … Read More

Musical Magic

“Flying Not Falling is musical magic! The arrangements are fresh and original, the production is superb, and the performances brim with wonderful surprises. This music lends us wings!” — Rob Whitesides Woo

Absolutely Beautiful

This is absolutely beautiful and wonderful relaxing music. I have quite a few relaxation CD’s, but this is my favorite. I go to sleep to one every night. I also lay down on my bed and listen to them when … Read More

Perfect For My Patients

“I am a psychologist and often teach my patients relaxation and mindfulness techniques. This book is perfect for my practice. It has a variety of guided imagery scripts for many different situations. I have gotten great feedback from my patients … Read More

Profound & Beautiful

“The words are beautiful, the energy sweet and the possibilities of deep healing by the use of this book is profound.” Amazon verified review

Helped Me Heal

Thank You with much love for helping to heal me with The Healing Waterfall. A dear friend gave me the CD as a gift when I was going through a difficult time. I listened to it nightly for about 5 years. … Read More

Superbly Written!

“The meditations are superbly written and Max [the narrator of most of the programs, Max Highstein] has a velvet voice… very calming.”

Amazing Products!

“You have amazing products that got me through some very rough times.”

Relaxing and Up-Lifting

“I’ve got to tell you how much I love your work. I’ve been listening to your guided imagery CDs for years now and have found them to be so relaxing and up-lifting. I come home from work every day and … Read More

Spiritual Guided Meditations

“I love these programs, especially the spiritually based ones. They make the most loving gifts for those in need. As a RN I find them great to use with patients and others as an added healing modality.”

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