An incredible tool for wellness

Since receiving this book a month ago, I have read it aloud to myself and clients DAILY. As we have shifted much of our work online, offering relaxation with shavasana at the end of yoga poses has been trickyI have … Read More

Love this book!

I love this book so much!!! I’m a yoga instructor but I have also used it to read to my teenagers before bed to calm them or ease their stress. The meditations where they get to walk with Jesus have … Read More

Great resource for hospital chaplains!

Excellent resource for chaplains! I am using this resource in my spiritual care work at a nursing home and on a detox unit. So far the patients have loved it. The guided imagery scripts are powerful and inclusive. It helps … Read More

Life changing!!

So great don’t know how I lived without this book before! So great for my clients. — Verified Amazon Purchaser

Amazing resource

This is an AMAZING resource for guided meditation scripts. Nothing like it; nothing so extensive! — S. Bracebridge. Verified Amazon Purchaser

Beautiful book!

Amazing book guiding me and others through process of be still and meditation! Thank you! — Verified Amazon Purchaser

Great book for guided meditation

I work in assisted living and lead a meditation twice a week. This book has been a gem.. — Verified Amazon Purchaser

Healing From Trauma

I love your book of guided meditations. They are really wonderful. I am starting to work with people who are healing from trauma and these are PERFECT. — Thank you note from a counselor.

So Much Inspiration

I bought this book several months ago and love it so much! It gives me so much inspiration for my meditation. — Message via Facebook

Incredible Success

I currently use many of your scripts for myself, and read them occasionally to my coaching clients. The amount of success I’ve had with these scripts is incredible. I have tried several other scripts and they haven’t come close. — … Read More

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