Your Ideal Job Bundle – MP3


Three powerful programs for leaping forward in your career.

Envisioning Your Ideal Job


Finding Your Ideal Job


Winning Your Ideal Job

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Visualize, find and land your ideal job!

PART ONE: Visualize Your Ideal Job

by Max Highstein • 57:00

Visualize, find and land your ideal job in this three program bundle!

Your next job might not be what you expect. It could be better! Sometimes a great new experience is waiting for us, but our limited thinking keeps us from connecting with it. So in this program you’ll open your mind wide to lots of new possibilities.

This guided meditation will help you envision yourself in different job scenarios, consider new ideas, and see what fits you best. When you’re looking for a new job, you always want to find something as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible. Through this program you’ll gain perspective and gather insight about your ideal work experience, so you can find the best possible job for you. 

In this program you’ll visualize your ideal job by focusing on the following factors:

  • Things you’d enjoy doing
  • Things you’d enjoy learning
  • Ways you’d like to help people and make a difference in the world
  • Your ideal job setting
  • The people you’d like to work with
  • Your ideal level of supervision
  • Your ideal pay and benefits…

…and you’ll determine the job that would be most fulfilling, comfortable, and engaging for you

Use this program to stimulate your imagination, open up to a wide range of possibilities, and envision what suits you best!


PART TWO: Find Your Ideal Job

By Max Highstein • 20:18

Have you ENVISIONED the kind of job you want? If so, this is a program to help you FIND it. First you’ll connect with your ideal job symbolically, stimulating your unconscious mind and intuition. Then you’ll envision yourself making the connections that will lead you to your job. You’ll call upon your network of friends and acquaintances, envision yourself using all available technology and resources, and send energy to your future self for as long as it may take to make the final connection. This guided meditation includes deep relaxation, positive visualization, affirmations and more.


PART THREE: Win Your Ideal Job

By Max Highstein • 17:15

In a competitive job market, giving a positive interview can be the key to landing your ideal job. But most people have trouble interviewing well. Nervous with so much on the line, they either talk too much, say too little or don’t relate well with their interviewer in general. This program can help.

Through the process of deep relaxation and visualization, you’ll establish a sense of connection with the job you want, and comfort with the interview process. You’ll feel, see, and hear yourself relating confidently with your interviewer, saying the right things about yourself – just enough – and putting your best foot forward.

If you’ve determined the job you want, use this program to ensure you ace your interview, and win it!

From Envisioning...

“...Consider something you enjoy doing. This could be something you’re familiar with doing for a living, or it could be something you enjoy, but have never done professionally. Imagine how it would feel to do this activity as part of your new job. Notice whether you feel comfortable, engaged, and fulfilled by doing this activity at work, or otherwise. I’ll give you a moment to try this out...”

From Finding...

“...Imagine you’ve been sleeping a deep, sound sleep, for many hours, and you’re just beginning to stir awake. And the first thing you notice, is that you’re waking on a soft camp-side air mattress, high on a mountain top. It’s a clear night, and the sky is filled with more stars than you’ve ever seen, a breathtaking view. You’ve been dreaming about the next step in your career, and it occurs to you that perhaps the millions upon millions of stars before you each symbolize a job for someone on this planet…”

From Winning...

"…Now use your imagination to carry forward that feeling of connection with your new job directly into your job interview, so that while you’re speaking with your interviewer, it feels as if you are already hired and working there. Imagine yourself in the interview session, being yourself, relaxed and comfortable, with all your skills and personal qualities present…"