Self Esteem – CD


Let go of the past and build high self esteem.

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by Max Highstein

  • Introduction: 1:41
  • Guided Meditation Program: 20:00 

Self esteem is all about the way you value, appreciate and treat yourself. If you truly believe, without a doubt, that you’re a good, worthy, and deserving person, then you’ll tend to attract people who will value and appreciate you, and treat you well. But if you believe on some level that you are bad, unworthy, and undeserving, then you’ll attract and opt into situations where you’re treated indifferently, or worse.

Our self esteem is shaped by our upbringing, and it can be difficult to change once we’re adults. But change it can! This guided meditation on Self Esteem will help you know, with more certainty than ever before, that you’re a lovable and valuable human being. And in this program you’ll have a chance to look at inner patterns that may be working against you, and change them.

Excerpt From The Program:

The real truth is that you are a unique, wonderful, and fascinating human being. You have amazing potential to live a creative, satisfying, and love filled life. No one is quite like you. All of the things you currently think of as your shortcomings, are, in the larger scheme of things, marks of character that will eventually blossom into miracles. Every struggle and difficulty brings you a measure of strength, insight, and the ability to love others more fully. And now it’s time for you to begin to receive more love for yourself...