High Self-Esteem Bundle MP3

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Self Esteem - MP3


Transform Self-Doubt Into Confidence - MP3

Break Free & Fulfill Yourself - MP3

Overcoming Shyness - MP3

Daily Focus - MP3

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Save when you bundle these products related to self-esteem. Develop high self-esteem and change your life for the better!



Self esteem is all about the way you value, appreciate and treat yourself. If you truly believe, without a doubt, that you’re a good, worthy, and deserving person, then you’ll tend to attract people who will value and appreciate you, and treat you well. But if you believe on some level that you are bad, unworthy, and undeserving, then you’ll attract and opt into situations where you’re treated indifferently, or worse. More about this program…



Self doubt undermines our ability to make decisions, step forward in life, and express our natural talents and gifts. This guided meditation helps you release self doubt and the fear of making mistakes, and offers a template for success. In the program you’ll inhabit an ideal setting for accomplishing your goals, and receive the love and encouragement of a circle of supportive friends. You’ll also connect with a “super coach” — someone who excels at what you aspire to, and believes you can as well. With their help, you’ll have opportunities to envision your success, turning self doubt into confidence. More about Transform Self-Doubt Into Confidence…



Journey to a majestic mountain to ask key questions about your life. As you climb the mountain it reveals its secrets. Discover what within you needs to change, how to break free, and what fulfillment means to you. Prepare for the path ahead by reviewing your strategy for handling obstacles. Then draw upon your deepest resources for the commitment needed to make your way forward. More about Break Free & Fulfill Yourself…



Shyness can keep us isolated and alone. The prospect of being with new people seems daunting, and our limited attempts at socializing can be painful, so we decide it’s better not to try, and stay with the few people we’re comfortable with, or the dog or cat. As we loose the ability to connect with others, and our world becomes smaller and smaller. More about Overcoming Shyness…



Would you like to experience more love, courage, spontaneity..? The Daily Focus Guided Mediation allows you to choose any personal quality, experience it within you, and bring it into your daily routine. This 10 minute program is easy to do, peaceful, and inspiring, with gentle narration and soft background music. More about Daily Focus…

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