Guided Meditation For Beginners – Bundle & Save

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Guided Meditation For Beginners: Bundle 3 Great Programs & Save!

Sanctuary of Peace - MP3


Morning Meditation - MP3

Heart Meditations - MP3


Bundle Guided Meditations for Beginners & Save!

1. Sanctuary Of Peace

Guided Meditation Program 30:00 • Extra! Background Music & Stream from program 30:00

Regain balance and serenity. Most people who try to meditate say that they have a hard time staying focused within. That’s because their busy mind keeps distracting them. However, Sanctuary of Peace is a guided meditation for beginners that solves this problem. It helps you learn how to enjoy deep inner peace whenever you have a bit of time. The narration helps your mind to stay focused, while the background sounds soothe you. This combination allows you to go deeper, and deeper. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to meditate, here’s a great way to get started! More about this program…

2. Morning Meditation

Guided Meditation: 15 – 20 Minutes

Meditation is easy with this guided meditation for beginners! In MORNING MEDITATION you’ll relax, connect to your higher source, and clear negativity for a clean slate for your day. Then you’ll receive higher guidance, open to miracles large and small, and experience gratitude for your life. Begin your day with this guided meditation, and fill your days with grace and ease. As you practice, you’ll find it easier and easier to do! Learn more about Morning Meditation…

3. Heart Meditations

About 1 Hour & 9 Minutes

Heart Meditations includes three guided imagery programs. Each gently guides you into your spiritual heart, and helps you to explore your heart-space. The meditations are warm, healing, and inviting, and encourage you to connect deeply within, and let go of anything in the way.

Also included are instructions for a heart meditation technique that you can practice every day. This simple, yet profound technique can help you become more and more heart-centered, and explore all that your heart holds for you. With Heart Meditations, it’s easy to discover and explore your own spiritual heart. More about this program…