Visiting Archangel Gabriel (MP3)


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Archangel Gabriel Meditation



by Max Highstein • About 20 minutes • MP3 Download (Not a CD)

Archangel Gabriel is known as God’s messenger. As a messenger, she (yes, she!) helps us with all matters of communication, and with creative expression—especially when we seek to bring love and light into the world. In this way, Gabriel helps us align our creativity with our higher purpose!

In this Archangel Gabriel meditation you will receive a visit from her in the place where you do you most creative work. You might choose to imagine connecting with her in your home, office, studio, or classroom. There she will bring blessings of inspiration and encouragement, to help you in any way you wish to be of service. As you open to her presence, Gabriel will send God’s light into the world, through you.

Gabriel’s energy is very beautiful, loving, and up-lifting. Use this guided meditation program to help tune into her presence, and invite her more fully into your life.

From The Archangel Gabriel Meditation:

"...Now imagine this setting is filling with light. Colors are intensifying, sounds are becoming richer, and there’s a rarified, uplifting feeling in the air, something like the way it feels just after a spring rain.

"Gabriel the Archangel is sending her love into your space, and into you, in preparation for her visit. All your senses are becoming heightened, so that you can attune to her spirit, and to the light and love she brings. Take a moment to begin to tune into her energy, and her love..."